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.Friday, February 26, 2010 ' Y

Date: 26th Feb

Mood: irritated with the weather

Time: 10.47pm



Oh i so believe in the supernatural. A few weeks ago i did something and uhh... ever since then, i think it worked.

Strange, wherever i go i always feel (and see more than half the time now) eyes on me. More noticable, i suppose.


Pulled out the last of my yellow hair just now.


.Sunday, February 21, 2010 ' Y

Date: 22 Feb

Time: 12.35am

Mood: OMG PEE EHH SI SI LATER!!! jialat!!!

Oh my goodness, it's pacc paper later! Wish i can eradicate the lethargy from my body and stop procrasinating! =/ I was supposed to be studying on sunday, which was the day before my paper. In the end i ended up playing blackjack D:

In the end managed to mug a little, resulting in a splitting headache ad pounding eardrums, so i took a break- by heading over to the arcade with yz and played several games, including dance dance revolution. It was fun, and it has been ages since i touched it, but my skills were as refined as ever :D hurray. Although we had to wait pretty long just to play

Went to popular to buy some foolscap paper (but changed my mind after seeing they only have the expensive coloured ones left), and also wanted to buy a book titled "Rules of The Game". In the end however, i didn't due to the ridiculously long queue, which i know will result in me emitting a sinister impatient presence after the long wait due to the ADHD in my system. Oh well.

Went to bishan for dinner! Took bus 58 from pasir ris- took an hour to arrive. We travelled through Tampines, Upper Paya lebar, Kaki Bukit, Eunos, Serangoon, Braddell, Upper Tompson, Lorong Chuan, Ang Mo Kio, and finally to Bishan. After stuffing ourselves full of dinner (i ordered minced meat noodles, then extra Chocolate Powered Snow coz i was still hungry, then finally capped it off with some Spicy Peppered Chicken Cutlet), we had to travel home.

We couldn't resist trying the circle line for the first time, so we trained to serangoon before going upwards to hougang. We were supposed to alight, but on sudde impulse we decided to stay on board the train to Buang Kok, then alight and take the opposite train back to Hougang before alighting. Then we took a bus back to White Sands, and finally walked home. :P

I must say, im so screwed for pacc since i didnt study much. SCREW PEE EHH SI SI!


.Friday, February 12, 2010 ' Y

Date: 12 Feb

Mood: Hungry for cash

Chinese New Year's coming, and i'll drop my professional image and blatantly admit it- I WANT THOSE CASH. Never have i wanted cash more than ever ever since i stepped into poly life. Clothes, school facilities, brands... you name it. Ive been spending more than ever.

On estimate, i have spent $4600 on food and clothings since ive arrived in poly in april last year. Lucky my financial structure and planning was enough to handle most of it.

(Oh my god, did i mention im going to Vietnam and Genting in march, and Batam in may? there goes another $2000+)

Speaking of money, I just bought a 5-piece bedsheet set for my parents for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year as a present, since i knew my mum loved the design and the material for it. It actually looks pretty classy too :D

(and i was also feeling bad for being so spoilt and spending so much money on luxurious items on myself, so i bought it for her)

Let's say it's really not cheap, alright?

Then back to shopping. Finally completed my set with a pair of black Blueroy jeans, another pair of shoes, and a haircut at the salon.

And now my savings is approaching two digits in estimated another 2 more months. ><

Uh oh.



.Monday, February 1, 2010 ' Y

Spent quite a bit on shopping within the past 7 days already!!! :O

- Solvil et Titus Quartz Mechanism 316L Stainless Steel Watch with Tachymeter ($395)
- 2 Shirts ($32)
- Headphones ($25)

Im still waiting for my shopping trip! D:


.Saturday, January 30, 2010 ' Y

Date: 30 Jan

Mood: Projects!! D:

It's been a while since i've blogged! *stretches fingers* loads of things happened. As usual, my life is nothing but uneventful. Obviously i dont appear to be complaining :D

I cannot remember all the milestones, so i decided to browse through my phone and see if i can find any pictures which will help me jolt my deplorable memory. D: my memory in recalling my life is so poignant that i think it has already been litigated >< ^ Gin that i tried at new year's party :D
^One of my favourite pictures :D
^Another great moment. A bag full of M&Ms. Amount was almost a quarter a bag of rice :D all for myself!!!!

(had finished the whole bag in 3 days) D:
*made that rose out of ferreo roche gold foil*
And i just realised all these are really old pictures. Which means im digressing from the topic! LOLOL. Ok ok recent foraging through picture now yields....

^New furniture i got today for my room! :D (but i already messed it up! Epic fail D:)

^new headphones.....

^ new fringe! :D
*zooming out*
^ and rebonding my fringe :O
Oh yes, now to projects. Finally finished Pth and marketing presentation. Pictures on facebook. Pth presentation has me in that yellow hair (which complements my hair) and acting all cute and gay. One example...

Yes, im one of the poloboys. ><>
OMG right LOL.
Okay, enough! Till next time. :D


.Friday, January 15, 2010 ' Y

16 Jan 2010, 6.31am

Mood: Sleepy

This morning begun like every other morning, with Leroy sitting on and stoning on his bed upon waking. Just as he was rising from his stupor a past event randomly sailed into his mind, making him smile to himself.

And he got out of bed and blogged about it.

It was 15th Jan 2010 (yes, one day ago), when our main protagonist Leroy was on his way to school. Well sort of, since upon reaching the train station he realised he had idiotically- there's such a word- forgotten to bring his ezlink card. Torn between the decision of getting to school early and saving cost, Leroy finally decided to buy a standard ticket instead.

After paying at the General Ticketing Machine, he was about to walk off when a small young boy about 7 or 8 years old approached him pointing to the GTM right next to them. That primary school kid doesnt know how to buy, Leroy realised.

Being such a kind and wonder gentleman he is, the main character calmly helped the boy to press all the necessary buttons. Then it came the payment part.

Boy: "Where to feed the machine?"

Me: "Er, right over here." *helps boy to insert cash*

Boy: "Card not coming out. Eh I not enough money...."

Me: *thinking* no surprise, back during primary 1 or 2 i only had 50cents for pocket money too. I won't have enough to pay for adult ticket either.

Me: "Here, i'll help you pay (: " *inserts more money and card was finally dispensed*

Yes, so Leroy paid for that little boy's transport too okay :D

Boy: *Eyes big* "But.... Your money how?"

Me: *smiling* "It's alright, don't worry about it!"

Then Leroy went to school.

(random part: he was still ten mins late in the end -.-)


Going for job interview at Resort World Sentosa. Hopefully i get to work for universal studios!


.Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ' Y

Date: 12 Jan 2010
Time: 11.42pm
Mood: Bored

Bit lazy to blog now, so i'll just post about my new phone!


Ok bye! :D


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